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Monday, September 17, 2012

What's My Job?

As the school year was coming to a start I found myself reflecting on what my job was as a teacher.  Not the nitty gritty of my job (teach math, grade papers, etc.) but the bigger picture part.  From this a first week of school lesson was born.  I created this display where I listed some of my bigger ideas were listed.  As a group, the kids gave suggestions to add to the chart.

They had some GREAT suggestions:
-to keep them safe
-to get them ready for middle school
-to help them if they have a problem
-to develop friendships
-to keep them wanting to come back

Really not too bad for the first week of school thinking.  Then the students were given white construction paper and had to identify their job as a student. 

This created a great display and fantastic starting point for back to school night which was on the third day of school. 

This is new to my first week of school repertoire and definitely something that I am going to keep doing.

Hope you had a great week, whether your first of much later.

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