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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bucket Seats

So I saw this fantastic idea to create seats for my two round tables on Pinterest.  The blog said it was easy and affordable...THEY LIED!

These seats took me FOREVER and cost a SMALL fortune.

Problem areas:
-The paint chipped so easily
-Once lids were attached the painted chipped leaving a mess on the floor.  
-Attaching the ribbon was a pain, regular glue wouldn't hold and hot glue left a stain. 

Despite all the problems I still LOVE these seats in my classroom.  They are extra storage space, they slide under the table so no free floating chairs, and they match my theme completely.

Here's the photographic evidence....
I bought the paint buckets at Lowe's b/c I wanted to
paint them blue and they were already blue. 
I did however have to cover that ugly Lowe's sign...
it wasn't very magical. 
The paint I used! 
Lowe's be gone!

I made four blue bucket seats and four purple seats to fit
the theme in my room. 

Getting ready to attach the *magical* fabric
Wood circles and bed egg crate for cushioning

I still absolutely LOVE the final result although I envision having to repaint them by Christmas Break. Although I am just realizing I have no pictures of the FINAL PRODUCT.  I guess I will have to leave you sitting on the edge of your seat until I can get back into my room on Tuesday, I hope you can forgive me.  :0)



  1. Did you try putting some kind of clear coat on them? I just painted mine and also found that they scratch VERY easily!

  2. To be honest I believe I am abandoning this sinking ship!

    When I made them I painted the inside of one and sprayed it with a finish as a test to see if it helped/or caused a sticky surface. It didn't help as the paint was so easily removed when rubbed with a finger.

    I may very well be tossing them unless you found a way to keep them looking great?

    Any suggestions blog buddies?