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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Some Sandpaper, Stain, and a Desk Makeover!

Hello buddies-  

Like many teachers my Summer Vacation ends about 2/3 weeks before it really ends as I head back to school to open a room for a new group of students.  Part of saying goodbye to my Harry Potter theme was taking the down the signs that covered my desk proclaiming myself as a Hogwarts professor.  When I took it down I noticed how, well, TERRIBLE my desk looked.  It was time for a makeover. 

I took off the top that was screwed onto the desk when I inherited it 10 years ago.  What I found wasn't pretty!

The wood was old.  There was glue all over it from the wood attached over a decade ago. Basically it was in BAD shape, REALLY BAD shape!  

So I quickly took it home and got to work.  First there was never ending sanding.  Then there was staining with some leftover stain from the hardwood floors in my house.  Lastly, there was the polyurethane. To be honest-I'm not so good with that so my Dad came in and saved the day there!

Here it is sitting in my driveway. 
The final product came out so well it almost looks too good to be in my blue, yellow, and red Superhero themed classroom. 

Here it is in my classroom- Doesn't it look GREAT!
I am THRILLED with the final product and regret not having done it years ago!  Isn't it a thing of beauty?!?!?!

Have a GREAT day buddy!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Up, Up, and Away!

Hello buddies-

Where I live there are 28 days until I have to officially report for the first day of school and 36 days until I get to meet my new third graders.  It's great! I have plenty of summer left but I have been getting the teaching bug. Yup I NEED to laminate! I NEED to hang! I NEED to organize books!  It's an illness-I know! (and one I am sure many of you suffer from.) Sometimes I just NEED to get my teacher on! Ya hear me?

I am SUPER lucky that Summer school is being hosted in my building this year and therefore they are starting to clean the classroom at my end of the building instead of Kelly's end of the building- SORRY KEL! So my room is ready for me!

Here's my first made it Monday!

I use a clip chart in my classroom and until this Summer it was Harry Potter themed.  With a new theme became a new clip chart. I absolutely love my Superhero themed clip chart with punch cards for the kids.  I didn't use punch cards last year but this year I am going to, with the move to a lower grade. The kids will be working towards earning special treats by a certain date.  I love the way it all came out. 

Made it Monday #2 takes place in my classroom. I went in today to get some things done and finished my bulletin boards and the new Math board that I made. 
I'm using red, yellow, and blue to add to the superhero feel of my room. I'm not 100% sure what is going on this board yet, so stay tuned!  

What I love is how my large bulletin boards came out. 

Doesn't it look very heroic! I love the large size buildings (a tip from my buddy Kelly) as I was originally going with much smaller buildings. It leads directly to my Math board.  Here's a close up on the Math board...
Again- I'm in LOVE with it!  
Lastly, I made a cover for my September binder. 

So a new product in my TPT store, some classroom set up, plus time to float and read-
Not a bad Monday!

How was your Monday?
Your Buddy,