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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Painting *Magic*

So the Classroom Beautification Project, or CBP as I like to call it, continues.

As mentioned in previous posts I have decided to revamp the Harry Potter theme in my 5th grade classroom.  This included painting the metal shelves that ran underneath my window and my magnificent purple filing cabinet.

Well, I continued painting last week.  I have two metal free standing shelving units that I inherited when I moved into the room six years ago.  The cabinets were in terrible shape: SCRATCHED, RUSTED, STAINED, you get the point!

I decided to paint these using both the silver and purple paints that I previously used.

Here they are:

The original MESS!

The first coat of SILVER

The outside coat of PURPLE

I have to say, the original plan was to make this all silver.  However, once I saw the purple filing cabinet I had to figure out another way to get that purple on something...anything!  So, I did the outside of the free-standing units in PURPLE and LOVE it!

Keeping myself busy the last few weeks of August.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to School SALE!

We are partaking in Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School sale...

EVERYTHING in our TPT store is on sale!

It is time to empty those Wishlist carts! :0)

Check us out at: The Reading Buddies TPT Store

Happy Shopping!
The Reading Buddies

Monday, August 6, 2012

Made it Monday and a Trip to NYC

Hello all-

This week I report to you live from NYC and the Teachers College Reading Project at Columbia University.  I am SUPER excited to be here and to learn the inside scoop on Reading Workshop.  As usual, I do a version of Reading Workshop in my classroom-I call it the Damien Version.  However, I am thrilled to see what the Pros say.

Now-I live in NJ, a bridge/tunnel ride to the city,  but have chosen to stay in a hotel in the city.  It eases the commute, allows me to take in a museum or two, and a Broadway show (I hope!).  I have been to the city a million times but have always avoided the subway.  I much prefer to walk or take a taxi but it was time to bite the bullet and ride the subway.  Today was day one, and to be honest, it wasn't that bad (knocking on wood).  I LOVED spending the day with some teacher friends from different schools in my district and can't wait 'til tomorrow.  Today was just the introduction but I have learned so much and the wheels have already been turning for changes in my classroom for Sept.  I can't wait to tomorrow to dive in and roll my sleeves up.  (I'll keep ya posted)

Time for my MADE IT MONDAY!

This week I have taken the behavior chart I have seen everywhere, seriously everywhere, and have given it a little...
 Harry *Magic*

Take a Look: 
The star boarder is courtesy of Graphics by the Pond and the ADORABLE clipart
comes from My Digi World

Hopefully your class this year will land on these sections often!

Unfortunately, we've all had a Malfoy or two!
Don't ya love it!  You can get it here: Harry Potter Behavior Chart at The Reading Buddies TPT Store

I have many projects in the works at home (my dining room hasn't seen a dinner plate since July).  I hope I will have some of my creations to share with you next week. 

Happy August!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Genius Idea

So I read on someone's blog how they find time to create products without too many interuptions.  The concept was genius and I had to try it!  This is the product I created, which happens to be my favorite craft of the year.  It can be done anytime of the year but beginning or end of the year is when I like to incorporate this project.  It makes such an impressive display that Open House or Back to School is a perfect time to impress the parents and the administrators. 
Here are some pictures and samples from my Ocean Murals product.  I teach about organisms under the sea and make a craft for each one.  Every child makes an individual ocean and then you can incorporate a fiction or nonfiction writing piece to go with the mural.
Are you still wondering what the genius idea was?  Keep reading....

Finished ocean murals.

Nonfiction writing paper.

Cover for nonfiction writing.

Fiction writing paper two different sized lines are provided.
 GENIUS IDEA:  I created most of this project while I was riding in the car for 3 and 1/2 hours going to vacation.  Then I kept on working another 3 and 1/2 hours on the ride home from vacation.  Kids were busy sleeping or on their electronic gadgets , hubby was busy driving and dog was sleeping!  Minimum interuption and I enjoyed my vacation while being productive, Genius!  I am leaving for my last vacation on Saturday and I can't wait to create another product.

Gotta love the blogging world because the simple ideas we write about are so helpful to others.  If this was your idea I would love to hear from you because I don't remember where I read the GENIUS IDEA.

If you would like to view my product just click on the link below.

Ocean Murals