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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pictures, pictures, pictures

So I am finally posting pictures of my new room, please keep in mind we have only been back to school for 7 days.  Anyway I am trying to adjust to my new grade, schedule and curriculum!  Love 2nd and I am used to my new, smaller room.  My decorating inspiration is from the famous School Girl Style website.  The guide lines are simple stick with three colors, bulletin boards should all be the same paper.  Everything in my room is blue and green with a splash of white.  All my baskets, pencil holders labels are green and blue.  What a difference this tip made in my room.  School Girl Style website got so famous she actually quit teaching first grade to dedicate all of her time to her decorating classrooms.  You should really check out her website it is spectacular.

A view of my room from the door.

A view from the front of the room.

My closet with baskets to hold lunchboxes.  Close the curtains and the organized clutter is gone!

This is my favorite addition to my classroom.  Two shower curtains that I bought at a discount store.
My windows covered in blue celephone with a blue fish net.  Snack baskets and mailboxes are under the window.

Here is my smart board, word wall and student book boxes on the floor.  There is a clear window up high so I covered it with blue celophane, seaweed and Big Al fish.  Love, love, love!

Yes, I have a sink which I decorated with an ocean scene purchased from the party store. 

The tooth fairy is in the house.  I copied this idea from my favorite site, The Glyph Girls!  This was not for sale just on her blog so I made my own.  When students lose a tooth they take a tooth out of the pocket, write thier name and hang on the door.  Love her!


My birthday chart which I love from my favorite site, TPT.

My cafe board and guided reading table which is not in the picture.

Calendar, behavior chart.  My favortie part is Nemo it says "Behavior is your choice.  Choose carefully".  The fish bowls are my job chart.  Each student has a fish with thier name on it.

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  1. Your classroom looks amazing! I am a teacher too and I totally understand how much time and effort it must have taken you. I love how you turned that high window into an aquarium and your sink is awesome!