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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Goldilocks Math & LA Unit

For the past week and a half we have been examining everything Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I began the unit by reading the story to my class and attending a PFA sponsored puppet show.  After we were well versed in the story we made Goldilocks and Baby Bear (shown below) inspired by a picture I saw on the Glyph Girls blog at  I used scrapbook paper for Goldi's bows and Baby Bear's bib.  The girls loved curling Goldi's...well...locks and the boys had a blast making Baby Bear.

Our bulletin board displaying Goldi and her favorite bear
This activity pretty much hooked my kids into all things Goldilocks.  From there we retold the story, ate and graphed our porridge preferences (or lack there of).  I brought in three different flavors of Teddy Grams and gave each child a pre-filled (and differentiated) cup that they graphed using their mats.  They then conveyed that information in a bar graph.

We also spent some time talking about Goldilock's character traits.  I gave my students 6 words (3 of which applied to Ms. Locks) and asked them to identify which words fit Goldilocks and what information they can provide from the story to support their responses. 

How cute is Goldi?

One of the days each students brought in their stuffed bear to assist them in all their Goldilocks activities.  This was so adorable that it was the talk of the school.  

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  2. We are getting ready for our Folk and Fairy Tale unit! Seeing your cute Goldilocks make me smile! Just followed your blog and TpT store!

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    Hi Laura, I am still working on my Goldilocks unit because my class cannot get enough. We are currently working on nonfiction text about bears and made an adorable craft/writing activity I will have pictures soon.
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