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Monday, March 26, 2012

Basketball Math...Can it get any more ENGAGING?

Hello friends!

I am so excited about the activity I just uploaded to  It is a basketball math activity that incorporates fractions, decimals, percents, graphing, writing,  I am doing this, for the first time, with my kiddies tomorrow and will follow-up soon with some pictures and a post.  It is super engaging and very timely with March Madness in full swing.  

Check it out here: TPT Basketball Math

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  1. Hi kelly. Thanks for checking out and following my blog, First Class Teacher. I love your blog. My husband teaches 6-8 grade math and he will love Damien's ideas too. And, holy moly, it looks like I may be teaching 6-8 science next year. But I love creating materials and networking in all grades and will continue to share my first grade experiences as well. So glad I am your newest follower.


    First Class Teacher

  2. Wow! What a HUGE jump from first grade to 6-8. Although a new challenge can be fun! Thanks for checking us out. Most of the activities we blog about are available on our TPT store. I love to follow people on TPT as it brings their new products directly to my inbox. It can't get any easier.

    Damien and Kelly