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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Awesome Chapter Book

Last year I was moved from first to second grade and searched all over for interesting 2nd grade chapter books.  The only books I fell in love with that I knew would hook both boys and girls were the Franny K. Stein books by Jim Benton.
These chapter books are perfect for second grade because the chapters are short, there are pictures on every page and the vocabulary is fantastic!  It is the perfect first chapter book to hook your class into loving reading. I chose to use this book as a read aloud and modeled how to think while reading.  My class begged me to read the other books in the series and I did read two more.  The librarian of our local library called me and asked what's going on in your classroom?  I have had more requests for Franny K. books than any other books in the library and all the kids are from your class!!  Best phone call all year.
The very first book of the series, Franny K. Stein Mad Scientis Lunch Walks Among Us is about friendship and accepting those who are different. So it is perfect for September or anytime you want to teach about the author's message.  This year I made a product to go with this fabulous book. Below is the craft that is included.
 The product is designed to be used as a packet but the pages can be handed out after you read each chapter.  The skill being modeled and taught through each chapter is "how to think".  Most second graders can read but do they know how to think about the words?  Below is the cover to the listen and respond packet.
To check out my latest creation head on over to my TPT store  .  Since I am so excited about this book I am giving this packet away to the first two people who leave a comment!  Don't forget to leave your email address.
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  1. I love short chapter books for 2nd graders! I will be back in 2nd grade this year, after being in kindergarten for the past 3 years. So this will be my fourth run with 2nd grade. This book sounds fun and one I should add to my personal library! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Looking forward to sharing 2nd grade ideas with you this year. I know your class will love this book. I need your email to send your free copy of my product.

    Have a great year,

    1. Hi Kelly,
      My email is