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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Last Days of School part 1

In reviewing our blog today I noticed that our last post declares only two days of school left...and that was almost a month ago!  Oops!

Maybe Kelly and I dove into summer quickly since it took us so long to get there (school lasted two and a half weeks longer than last year due to Superstorm Sandy and a new superintendent). 

Let's wrap some things up shall we...

Kelly and I held our first ever Reading Buddy Scavenger Hunt. I'll be honest with my blog buddies-it wasn't well planned and we cancelled it twice. Then, the day before, we decided to go with it. We raided the gym and found loads of equipment the play with. We organized twelve different tasks that our kids would participate in with their buddy. Although it was a stressful set-up and required me to arrive at school earlier than I desire (so not a morning person) it was soooooo worth it. 

Our tasks included:
-an obstacle course
-basketball shots
-a chalk mural
-an art station
-writing adjectives to describe their teachers
-teacher hug or high five station

.....and a few more. It was really a great day.  Check out the pictures below. 

Gathering our materials in the early dawn.

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