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Monday, July 15, 2013

Harry Potter Day-AKA The Last Days of School part 2

On the last day of school, quite an emotional one for me, I decided we would spend the day having some fun and saving the tears for the end of the day. 

I saw a great idea on Pinterest about a mother who made her own Harry Potter robes for her son's birthday party using men's extra large t-shirts that she spliced up the front. Simple! Easy! Adorable! Perfect! 

Wands at the ready in our Hogwarts robes
I made the robes for my class (after their parents sent in the shirts) and a Harry Potter day was born. I made buttons for the students to wear denoting their assigned houses. Add the wands that they had earned from their magical behavior and we certainly looked the part, now what to do?  

We started the day by watching an interview with the HeadMistress JK Rowling herself. She is one of my top three ALL TIME idols. She is truly amazing and the video was GREAT!  The kids loved it as well totally drinking the JK Rowling Kool-aid. 

Then we held and Harry Potter Jeopardy game. I have a template to make my SMARTBoard look like the Jeopardy board and loaded it with questions about the two Potter novels we read this year-Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets. It was quite a competition and a really enjoyable activity.  

Lastly, we made our own Golden Snitches (and frazzled-last day of school me didn't take any pictures).  

It was the perfect last day of school. We just had fun being together as we had all year long. This was a good year and I will definitely miss this group. 


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