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Monday, August 12, 2013

The End of Summer School

Well friends-

Summer School is OVER!  

Although I enjoy teaching, Summer School is tough even for the best of us.  I had 9 fifth grade remedial students and 13 fourth grade remedial students for two 1 hour Reading Classes.  It was hard to get them to "buy into what I was selling" and even harder to get them to show up each day.  That being said, we tried our best to work on our summer reading, sharpen our literacy skills, and enjoy reading.  

Below I have some pictures from my First Grade Enrichment Class on Math Games.  God I love those first graders, makes me think some time in the younger grades may be in my future-just not the near future.

Here we are in one center playing Hungry Fish. A great (and FREE) app.

Students were at the choice game station

Here we used a SMART Board file a first grade friend shared with me.

This week I am in NYC at Columbia University for the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.  I can't wait to share all I am learning with you. So, check back soon for posts about that.  

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B-Bye Buddies, 

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