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Monday, July 9, 2012

My FIRST Made it Monday

Hi all-

I decided to join in on the making things fun and completed my first "Made It Monday".  It's so funny that Tara at 4th Grade Frolics created this connection.  Why you ask, well just the other day I was discussing, describing, complaining about all the things I wanted to create from Pinterest but I felt so lost in my picture boards that I felt Pinterest needed a Made-it button, a digital checklist if you will!  Well, Tara came to the rescue.

These week I have my completed Harry Potter Themed Clipboards done and ready to bring some MAGIC to my classroom.

The side you write on in my SchoolGirlStyle inspired colors,
decoupaged, and sprayed with glitter spray (to add the magic)

Pinterest HP MiniPosters

I made one for each book in the series

I couldn't resist these sayings!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote from JK Rowling!

CLOSE-UP: It is filled with quoted from the novel.  LOVE IT!

I absolutely LOVE my clipboards and really can't wait to bring them into my classroom to help add to the fun of Harry Potter.

Although not teacher related, I am taking a cake class, and this was my first cake.

Hey, I made it, and it's Monday!
It is a chocolate cake with a Peanut Butter filling that my Peanut Allergy ridden cousin made fro me while I was off teaching summer school.  Gotta love family!

Happy Monday!


  1. I love Harry Potter! Your clipboards turned out SO awesome! I love the pictures that you chose!! That cake is adorable too! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. As a total Harry Potter fan, I am majorly in love with these clipboards and quotes! What a great idea! I can't wait to figure out a way to use these quotes in my classroom!


  3. Super love your Harry Potter themed clipboards:) I'm so excited you got to link up this week:) I started this whole this for me, to keep me focused and on task for the summer and so many people asked me to turn it into a linky and now it's just crazy fun!!! So fun that you're taking a cake class! It looks too yummy!!! Thanks for linking up and hope you come back:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. Love the Harry Potter theme, especially the clipboards. I am with you..I have pinned tons of stuff on Pinterest, now its time to finally make some of them. How are you liking the cake decorating class? I had my own cake design business before I went into teaching. I just did a wedding cake for a teacher friend of mine...Check out the picture I this post over on my blog...I linked it up with Made It Monday last week---

    Tales From A 4th (And 5th) Grade Teacher

  5. Hi guys and gals! Thanks so much for the clipboard LOVE. I am quite proud of them myself. Glad to see so many Potter fans out there. I am even redoing my HP classroom theme this summer and can't wait to share how I kicked-it-up-a-notch! I found all the mini posters on pinterest. To make life easy, you can search my account on pinterest ( The Reading Buddies).

    Tara, thanks for hosting as I am already working on my next Made it Monday post. :0) you inspired me to get some studs done.

    Jen, get some clipboards and decoupage away. I also plan on taking some of these to Staples and seeing if they can make some of them into posters to hang around my room. I will let you know how it goes!

    Patti, I just checked out your cake on your blog...OMG!

    Thank again blogging buddies,

    1. These are AMAZING!! Where did you find the "every great wizard" one? I can't find it for the life of me.

      HUGE fan of these amazing clipboards. Your board has got me totally nostalgic right now. :)

      Teach With All the Colors of the Wind

    2. Hi Cindy! Thanks for the HP love. If you click on the "follow me on pinterest" button on the top right of my blog all the mini posters I used are on my MISSION ACCOMPLISHED or my GREAT POSTERS board.

      I personally LOVE "every great wizard" and the "choices" one. Who am I kidding, I love them all!

      Let me know if you have trouble finding them.

  6. Love your blog! I am giving you the One Lovely Blog Award. Pop over to my blog to find out about the award. Looking forward to see what your class is up to this year.

    Teaching Star Students

  7. I love your clipboards they really are nice.

    The cake Looks great, taking a cake decorating class is on my to do list. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Jill-

    The cake decorating class has been a blast. I am taking it with two friends and I highly recommend it!

  9. What a fabulous idea to bling up your clipboards! Lovely!

  10. I love your wizard classroom theme that you shared in the Linky party....and these clipboards are too cute!! What a great idea! When you get a chance, head on over to my blog and check it out! I've nominated you for an award! :)


  11. Just came across your blog from the classroom theme linky over at Surfin' Through Second Grade. Love the Potter theme. The best books I've read. :)

    Have a great year!!! I'll be sure to check your blog from now on.

  12. Thanks everyone for the clipboard and HP love.

    There is more to come!