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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Damien's Made-it-Monday #2

Hello Buddies-

I am back with my Made-it-Monday as sponsored by 4th Grade Frolics, and I am happy to say that I have completed TWO items!

First is my classroom window unit shelves.  When I inherited my room, and I say inherited because there have been a LONG line of people in it before me, the shelves were gross.  But, I threw my stuff on it and never thought about it again, until I entered the blogging world. After being inspired by I painted my window unit.  Take a Look:
See what I mean?

Not exactly gorgeous or magical!
So my co-teach and I got to work.  Now my co-teach is FANTASTIC, there is no better word for it.  So when the kiddos went home for the year-we went to work.
From "yucky" tan to *magical* silver. 

The Finished Product!
The final product looked SOOOOOOOOO much better than it previously did.  My teacher friends, still packing up their rooms, kept coming by and telling me how much better they looked- I AGREE!  They fit in to my new color scheme-Silver, Purple, and Blue!

 The problem... Now, my filing cabinet, which never bothered me before, looks terrible. Since it meets right up to my newly painted shelves, I couldn't have it looking like a terrible eye-sore.
Can you see where this is going?

So I got to work on that as well.

Don't you just LOVE it?   It has inspired me to continue to paint a few other items to work with my color scheme for the upcoming year.  Keep an eye on my blog to see what else I have covered in PURPLE and SILVER paint. I really love how it came out, especially the purple.

My last task is something I spruced up for my blogging buddy Kelly. Only she doesn't know about it yet (shhh! Don't tell her). This school of fish used to hang in our main office and no longer have a home.  I quickly grabbed them for Kelly's ocean themed classroom and hope she likes the final result!

The copper fish as they were.
My dog Copper watching the painting of the copper fish.
(The irony is not lost on me)
Half-way through the painting process.

Look, GOLDfish!

The Final Result!

So, it has been a pretty busy week, but I am loving all that I am getting done!
Happy Monday!


  1. Did you just use regular paint on your filing cabinet? I'd love to do that before I decorate the front so it all looks uniform.

    Down The Learning Road

  2. I love, love, love your filing cabinet. I want to do mine now:) Your friend will love her goldfish!

  3. I love the file cabinet. What a great color scheme!
    Thanks for sharing!


  4. You've inspired me to paint my bookshelves!! They are all different colors and it makes me crazy! What kind of paint did you use to paint your file cabinet?

  5. Thanks Damien, I love the goldfish! You can paint my filing cabinent next!!!


  6. I think its been asked a lot already, but I too am curious what you used to paint the filing cabinet? It looks really really fabulous! :)

    Reaching for the TOP!

  7. Your filing cabinet looks GREAT!

  8. Hi all-
    Thanks for all the love on my shelves and filing cabinet. Together it took the two of us 3 days. I went to the paint store and the gentleman behind the counter suggested that I use "direct-to-metal" paint. I chose to do so by brush, because I didn't want the spray paint mess or lines. The direct to metal paint worked wonderfully. I am a little afraid of the scratches and wear-and-tear once the kiddies get their hands on them, but I figure it will look better than they used to.

    The color scheme is inspired by my Harry Potter theme: blue, silver, and purple. I love the deep purple on this filing cabinet.

    Wait to you see what I am painting next......