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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Clip Board Craziness

So, after visiting the blog Kelly and I decided our classrooms (which we previously loved) were in the need of a makeover.  Once I have an idea, it is difficult for me to "sit-on-it". I become like five-year-old on Christmas Morning.  Since school was still in session I decided my clipboards were the first, of many, projects to begin.

My clipboards are 110 years old! They aren't that old, but let's just say that they have more than one teacher's name on them.

This isn't even the worst one.
So after some hunting on-line (gotta love Pinterest) I decided decoupage was the way to go. First I painted the edge of the clipboard, about one inch all the way around, with SILVER or BLACK acrylic paint.  Then it was time to decoupage.  In order to stick with the color scheme of my room I used SILVER, PURPLE, or BLUE cardstock.

First a coat over the clipboard and some time to let it dry. After that a second coat was added.
Here are some of the clipboards drying after being given their 2nd coat. 
I had some issues with bubbling of the cardstock and the recent warm weather we are having didn't help as the decoupage was drying really quickly but with the help of the family they are ready for the back to be done.  I tend to add some *MAGIC* to make them fit in with my Harry Potter themed classroom.

Make sure to check back soon for a PART 2 of the process and hopefully the FINAL PRODUCT
-Damien of The Reading Buddies

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