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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Floating Through School

 So I am panicking because I haven't been to my new room to attempt to unpack!  I keep putting off the inevitable, instead I have been creating products which I can use at the beginning of the year.  Since I am keeping with my ocean theme I came up with these adorable floating tubes with kids to hang from the ceiling.  Did I mention that I am not allowed to hang anything from the ceiling!!  Oh, well I am not a good rule follower.

  So I will have my students create these the first week of school for Back to School Night.  For those of you who have Open House it would work great for then also. They should make a great  atmosphere for my under the sea classroom.  Take a look at some pictures I took, keep in mind these are hanging in my house.  The hardest thing about this craft is hanging it from the ceiling, I used fishing line. 

 These would also be a great project for summer school!  Damien is going to try it out with his summer school kids, can't wait to see pictures!!

I went to the dollar store and bought 20 inch kid tubes and added  the legs and bathing suits.

Here are the tubes the kids will make by filling in answers on tube and making the legs and bathing suits.  I used scrapbook paper for the adorable bathing suits.

I also included this sign which can be hung from the ceiling also.

Three different graphs and one graph analaysis are also included.

To get your copy just go to my tpt store or click the link below.

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