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Sunday, March 3, 2013

We Survived-100th Day & Read Across America Day

We made it!  Kelly and I survived one heck of a week that included both the 100th day of school and Read Across America Day. 

Kelly and I planned to participate in a half day of 100th day of School activities.  Well, let's just say what we planned could have taken an entire day because we didn't get beyond activity number 1.  Our students made 100th day hats, each with 10 strips of colored paper hanging from the top.  On each colored paper (you guessed it) things in groups of ten. 

Ten stamps
                Ten drawings
                                     Ten math problems
                                                                   Ten friends names

That's all we got to together.  Kelly completed some other activities and I HOPE she will find the time to blog about it.  Here's a few pictures......

Here is the stamping station underway.  

Since Kelly's room is Under the Sea themed one group of ten was a
group of ten fish.

Here is the sign above Kelly's door made by her student teacher!  The kids were so excited to enter the classroom.  This idea was from Pinterest.

This is the 100th day kiss hunt that we were supposed to do with our Reading Buddies but ran out of time.  Spread out throughout the room were 100 kisses that had a number from 1-100 on the bottom of the kiss.  Each student was sent to hunt for two kisses and then place on the hundreds chart which only had a few numbers showing on the 100's chart.  Kids loved this activity.

Next it was on to Read Across America Day.  

Step #1- Decorate the door. 

I always use Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone as my book inspiration but come up with a different design each year.  I have to say, I am running out of ideas.  Last year I recreated the Hogwarts Express.  Revisit that blog post here: Read Across America Day 2012 . This year I was going with a quote I found and the idea that reading can allow you to experience many lives.  We were reading Harry Potter and were going to experience the Great Hall.
Here we are reading HPSS while wearing Harry glasses and lightning shaped scars.  The kids
created their own Harry covers. 

Here we are TRANSPORTED into the book waiting to be sorted in the Great Hall. 

Sure I think the decor is cute, but it was the BIGGEST pain in the butt to created and had me at school, hanging candles until 10:30 PM the night before RAA Day.  (Note to self-next year, begin door decor on January 7th).

Kelly's door made by her student teacher:

In Kelly's room before beginning a very fun filled day we needed some creative energy.  Another idea from Pinterest, the cat in the hat snack.  Vanilla yogurt layered with strawberries.  Kids ate this up then we were ready for the rest of the day.

We spent the day reading Dr. Seuss books, writing about Dr. Seuss books, watching digital retelling of Dr. Seuss books, and creating Dr. Seuss characters.  Here are some pictures from our EXHAUSTING but really FUN day!

Here we are watching a digital retelling of Yertle the Turtle. VERY cute!

We had our Reading Buddies share some Dr. Seuss stories together 
We made this guy...

Our buddies analyzing the character of Yertle the Turtle

We also had a Seuss relay which was one of the best activities of the day.  The students had to run a race and search for Dr. Seuss titles given only the initials of the titles (for example OFTFRFBF is One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish). 

                                    Relay pictures:

On your mark get set go!

                  Find that Dr. Seuss title as fast as you can!
We ended the day with one of my favorite activities, A movie on the ceiling.  I rig up the projector to shine on the ceiling and our students lay down on the floor with pillows and blankets to watch the movie.  It is so cute watching them all lay together and watch the film.  
So much FUN!
It was a GREAT day filled with reading fun!  

How did you enjoy your Read Across America Day celebration?

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