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Monday, March 4, 2013

Food is illegal! (At least in my classroom)

No, this post isn't about the Haddix novel Among the Hidden where junk food is illegal.  It is about my own school district where food had become the enemy.  our school district has put strict guidelines on the food we are allowed to have in the classroom if we are allowed to have any due to the pressure from the state guidelines.  

-Movie with popcorn after reading the novel- NOPE!

-Teaching fractions while baking cupcakes-NOPE!

-Valentine cards with chocolates attached-NOT A CHANCE!

Now I am a fan of food.  I have always used food in my fifth grade classroom as a treat and as an educational tool.  Well not this year.  We have had more discussions on what we are allowed to eat and when then we have had about our struggling students-ABSURD!

Remember this FUN and engaging Math activity- Pi Day Activities .  Well, so do I but it seems as though it will be a distant memory soon as I am NOT ALLOWED to use food to teach.  

Now I know many of you might agree with the "no food in school" insanity.  And before you ask "yes there are other ways to teach these concepts".  That, however is not the point!  The point is, why is the government concerned with what is eaten on February 14th?  When did popcorn become the enemy?  And lastly, why isn't the answer to all these problem increased activity time (more PE and Recess) instead of no cupcakes? I believe that my government, my board of education, my administrators, my principal, and my colleagues and I have more important things to worry about.  

One of my favorite activity of the year and a hot seller in our TPT store Pi Day Edible Centers is no more.

I'm just curious, has anyone else suffered the "food ban" in their classroom?

Please share your comments and pardon me as I go grab a celery stick and some humus. 

A fan of food in the classroom, 


  1. Yes, we have had this issue!! CRAZY!! We can give our kids spinach, onions, peppers, mushrooms.....the list just goes on and is ridiculous it's not like I'm feeding them tons of sugar every day but who wants to learn fractions or probability using spinach and onions??? I say the government has better things to do then regulate the food we eat once in the classroom!


  2. Oh wow. This is insane. We have to be careful with students with celiac disease or diabetes or peanut allergies but this sounds really crazy. So you are saying I couldn't do my chocolate unit or do it without serving chocolate? I wouldn't even want to tempt them. We have asked subsitutes to not give candy. Some of our subs were going a little crazy with it. Ha. Well good luck with that. I think we are in charge of way too many aspects of the children's lives. Hang tough. p.s I wanted to put exclamation points all over this post but my button is broke. He He

  3. A chocolate unit! Heaven forbid. It is absolutely insane the limitations and the fact that we could serve the crappiest school lunches but can't get a sprinkle past the main office. It really has taken over our school and we spend more time stressing out about having munchkins at a writing celebration instead of the writing.

    It's insane.