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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Spring Break Finally!!

We haven't had a day off since Winter break thanks to hurricane Sandy. We missed two weeks of school during the hurricane so in order to fit in the 180 school days we only have Spring break off for the rest of the school year.  This year we go until June 28th which is unusual for us. It was the longest three months ever and everyone in our building needed Spring break. 

So for our Spring party we had 4 centers and it went great!  If you haven't had your Spring break yet you might want to try some of these activities.

My favorite center was creating an egg with shaving cream and paint.  I saw this idea on Pinterest.

Spread shaving cream on a tray.

Add acrylic paint and spread with a popcycle stick.

Press paper onto shaving cream.

Let the paper dry for 5 minutes then scrape off the shaving cream.

I suggest only doing this activity if you have a sink nearby.  The kids loved this activity!!

Here are a few eggs that were drying in the hall.

Another center was have a cupcake and fruit kabob.  After students finished they worked on a word search.

                         How awesome are those rainbow fruit kabobs!  Another idea from Pinterest!

                             M&M graphing was a yummy center  the kids were totally engaged in

                                  Last center was egg coloring followed by the Spring Bump game.

Of course we had to make bunny bags to take our eggs home in, how cute are these!

All of these activities are on my pinterest board for March/April.

Happy Spring Break,


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