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Sunday, February 24, 2013

I HATE February

Well, hate is a little harsh, but February totally kicks my teacher butt.  

Allow me to explain.....

When February began Kelly and I were totally on top of things, and by totally on top of things I mean we had started planning events earlier than the day before.  We began working on a 100th day to the extreme activity.  There were CENTERS .... and MARBLES.....and SCIENCE......and MATH.....and everything BUT THE KITCHEN SINK!

And then...

Report Cards

       DRA Assessments

              Quarterly Math Assessments

                      Quarterly Science Assessments

                                  Valentine's Day

                                             A Class Trip

                                                        Presidents' Day

And before we knew it, it was Friday and the 100th day was Monday (this Monday- as in tomorrow) and not a damn thing was planned.  So Friday night we went out to a local watering hole (read-drank a pitcher of black berry sangria) and got to work.  What we plan on doing is not the Extravaganza we had originally conceived, but I think it will be cute-and I hope we are ready.  Phew, we made it!

Then it dawns on us Read Across America Day is Friday, this Friday!  Cut to Kelly and I at her kitchen island Saturday afternoon (sadly without the sangria) working on what to do for Read Across America Day.  Another day planned-and not too shabbily if I do say so.  

As I sit here, watching Daniel Radcliffe tap dance on the Oscars and completing the MOUNTAIN of paperwork that was due last week and my supply order I have to ask...


I'm trying, really trying to be positive that this is just a busy time of year, but I am dying a quick and pain-filled death over here.  Maybe I just need a mental health day soon...REALLY soon!

If we make it past Friday, we'll let you know how the 100th day and Read Across America Day went.

Hang in there teachers, it is all worth it in the end!

Damien and Kelly!

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