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Friday, February 1, 2013

Sale and new product

Don't you just love my door.  Everyday when I walk down the hall my door makes me smile and want hot chocolate!  My kids wrote persuasive essays about a favorite book.  This was a freebie from Across the Hall in 2nd Grade .  There were lots of paper choices to choose from and I opted to photo copy the mug tracers on colored paper.  Perfect writing activity!!

Here is a close up, my kiddos love Franny K. Stein.  Santa actually gave Franny K. Stein books to some of them, how does Santa always know the perfect gift to give?

We have also been studying polar bears.  Here are the anchor charts that were made from all their schema and learning.  Then we created polar bear paragraphs using my latest product Nonfiction writing for any topic First the students created opening sentences followed by writing 4 facts they learned about polar bears.  Last they wrote a closing sentence and copied their sentences into a paragraph.  The graphic organizer helps my 2nd graders understand how to write sentences that are not run ons.  (sorry the picture is sideways!)

We then added a cute polar bear head and created the polar bear paragraphs bulletin board.  The polar bear craft is not included in my product.  There are many different paper choices with the nonfiction writing product so it will work with any nonfiction topic.

Another fabulous activity that my students did during read to self was R controlled vowels another freebie.  I cut out each of the three super heros and placed them on chart paper. As students were reading to self they wrote down any er, ir , ur word on a sticky note.  At the end of read to self students placed their sticky notes under the correlating super hero.  I have never seen my kids so motivated to do a word hunt and they also concluded that the most popular r controlled vowel was er,  super hero Derek.  Each super hero has a name and description using the matching r controlled vowel.  Awesome product my students finally got the bossy r thanks to super heros Derek, Arthur and Kirk!

Enjoy the super bowl and don't forget to shop, TPT is having a big sale and so are we. In between commercials view your wish list and take advantage of the big sale!

Happy Shopping,
Kelly and Damien

 Sunday Super Sale

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