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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Best Valentine Boxes!

Hi all, Kelly here!

So switching grade levels has had its benefits.  I was forced to search for a new Valentine box and found this idea on Pinterest.  Yes, it is an Ipod Valentine box complete with heart earbuds.  Love, love, love especially because I use my Ipod everyday to transition in my class.  First I give directions then play the music and when I lower the music the students quiet down and have to be silent when the music ends.  Works like a charm!
One of our centers was to deliver your Valentine's.

Then of course I had to find new Valentine party ideas and I found a great one called Sweethert Snack by Sarah Cooley.  Loved all her ideas so I decided to have centers for my celebration.  First center was delivering Valentines, which is always the favorite.

Center number 2 was unscramble the Valentine words.  This was a challenge for some!

Center 3 was minute to win it games with conversation hearts.  Each activity was given one  minute to accomplish.  I ran this activity because I am a big kid and wanted to take the challenge.  Yes, I am the only one to stack the pyramid.  The kiddos loved this activity.


Center 4 was eating our one sweet treat yummy cupcakes, strawberries and water.  I hope you can't notice the sprinkles on the cupcakes because sprinkles are a fondant which is banned from school.  Oops the parents just can't seem to remember that rule.

Having 15 minute center rotations was perfect!  I also had clipboards with Valentine's Day word searches on them in case kiddos finished before time was up to switch.  Many other cute activities came in the packet which I used later on that day.

Off to start planning St. Patrick's Day!

Hi all-

Time to visit a 5th grade classroom on Valentine's Day.  Since I have a Harry Potter theme I have been able to find a great deal of Owl "stuff" to add to my room and the Owls fit in perfectly!  

I found this ideas for my Valentine box on Pinterest.  We first painted the small tissue boxes either brown, white, or black and let them dry.  Then it was Carpe Diem as my kids were free to do whatever they wanted to decorate their owls.  

Big round eyes and 3D beaks were a big hit in my room
A more traditional owl

A few of the finished product (notice the lightning bolt scar on the far left) :0)

Aren't they adorable
It is a room #20 Valentine tradition to have chocolate fondu on Valentine's day.  We usually have a HUGE spread of dippables...well not this year.  Since the government is trying to eliminate all forms of fun in school the new food guidelines put a limit on what I was allowed to have.  However, since the conversation began that Valentine's Day was inappropriate for 5th grade I will accept the minimized fondue celebration as a WIN!

I find that this sign really sums up my feelings on the whole issue of food in classrooms...

...And it can be found in our front office.  

We hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!

With Love and Friendship, 
Damien and Kelly

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