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Monday, October 12, 2015

Third Grade Metacognition

Hello Buddies-

If you have not read "Comprehension Connections" by Tanny McGregor then you are missing out! This book is filled with practical lessons to introduce comprehension strategies to kids. 

Kelly (again the more silent member of this blog) recommended this book to me and I a THRILLED she did. 

We started our third grade year work on Metacognition and thinking about our thinking while reading. We've also discussed and modeled REAL reading versus FAKE reading. The best parts of the lessons included in this book are that they do not immediately rely on text to convey and practice the concept. As an In-Class Resource room (an inclusion class with special education students) I LOVED that component.  Tanny's lessons allow my kids to practice complex comprehension strategies regardless of their reading levels-which is PERFECT!

This past week we made Reading Salad-combining text and our thinking to make real reading.  Modeling this lesson to my kids, showing how I was thinking while reading, and then including their thinking while I read the text really solidified their understanding of Metacognition. 
I took a picture of this chart with my phone and printed it out so that my kids could
put it in their Book Lover's Notebook as a reference point throughout the year.

I definitely recommend that you check out this book for your class! 
Have a SUPER day!

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