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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Book Study and a FREEBIE!

Hello buddies-

In my never-ending attempt to be a better teacher I have been devouring professional texts this summer.  Most recently I am reading Teaching Reading in Small Groups by Jennifer Serravallo.  Although I am only on the third chapter this book has confirmed a great deal of what I already knew about reading instruction and has provided some great tips or strategies.  

Jennifer talks about a Reading interest inventory and the need to learn about students as readers.  I have a reading inventory a colleague shared with me a few years ago and until I read this book I was happy with it.

I used the questions posted in the book to create the Reading Interest Inventory shared in this post.  It's not pretty- I warn you. I plan on posting the reading inventory into my Google Classroom and had to make it in Google Docs (which I love for functionality, but not so much for design). 

You can access the Reading Interest Inventory HERE  

Hope it helps you get to know your readers. 
Your buddy, 


  1. Thanks for sharing your reading inventory! Love the Incredibles theme!

    1. No problem! My classroom theme this year is Superheroes so there will be a touch of all superheroes here, there, and everywhere.