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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Administrative Professional's Day

Hello all-

I was inspired to create this card for our school secretaries when I saw they on Pinterest.

All you need is some fun color post-it's and a file folder. Each student took a post-it and wrote a personalized note to each secretary. Using post-it's allowed each student to haw time to write something personal-instead of rushing to sign the card. (It also stopped us from making 20 separate cards). Best of all, it didn't take forever to complete.

The post-it's and file folder seemed appropriate for the secretaries. I added a cute saying (or cheesy pun depending on your viewpoint) and we were good to go.

Best kid post-it: "going to the office is usually a pleasant experience, thanks for that". Love it!

Check out the pictures below.



  1. Ooo that is a good idea! I love that each child gets their own "space." Thanks for sharing!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. Love it Damien I will have to borrow that idea for Nurse's Day!


  3. Thanks everyone.

    Not only are the cards adorable, not only did the kids get to really write some nice sentiment, but we had two cards done in ten minutes.

    Cute and timely!

    P.S. then our Nurse's day cards will look very similar Kel. :0)