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Monday, June 4, 2012

Just a day, Just an ordinary day!

Today I went to school prepared to give a performance assessment on fractions and I wound up on the beach with 76 first graders...allow me to explain!

As our followers know I teach 5th grade and Kelly teaches 1st grade.  Today, as I arrived at school I had heard that something happened to our other first grade friend, Diane.  She had seriously hurt her back getting out of her car and was in her classroom and such EXTREME pain that she couldn't even move.  With our principal out, due to a recent surgery, we knew we had to come up with a plan.  Without missing a beat Kelly gave me a look.  You know the look, the one where you knew what your friend was going to say before they said anything.  Just looking at her face I knew I was going on the trip.

Seconds later, Kelly said "call the office and let them know that Diane is going home, and you are going on the trip".

Within seconds, we had:
-Notified the office that Diane was going home
-Organized her permission slips and emergency bag
-Met with my Co-teacher to tell her she was going to be taking over my class today
-Re-planned my day

...And before I knew it I was in my classroom with 23 fifth graders, 24 first graders and only half of us were going on a trip.  Now, it is awful to admit, but I kind of enjoyed telling my kids that I was heading to the aquarium and the beach on this gorgeous 84 degree day.  Don't judge, it's the reason we LOVE personal days.  The fact that we are out enjoying the day while everyone else is at work.  After a few organizational details we were on the bus heading to the aquarium.  Kelly and I have never been on a trip together and have never been on the same grade level-we were rather excited to be grade-level colleagues.
Not a bad Wednesday!

What I learned on a first grade class trip:
-When the tour guide asks for questions, every child will want to tell their own fish story.

-Even though they are told not to touch the glass, everyone WANTS to touch the glass. 

-First graders will touch a horseshoe crab without a second thought. 

-Keep your eye on the nurse, because when you need her she will be 100 yards down the beach on her cell phone. 

-It doesn't hurt to have a male teacher on the trip for boy bathroom breaks. 

-No matter how many times you tell a first grader to stay away from the water there will always be that one boy who tries to get hit by a wave. 

-All beach-goers eyes are on you as you ruin their peaceful beach day storming the shore with 80 seven year olds. 

-I LOVE first grade enthusiasm.

-Even though you are told not to bring peanut butter because of allergies someone WILL bring peanut butter and he WILL wind up sitting next to the allergy child during lunch. 

-Once you rave about one child's beach findings, EVERY child will want to show you something so you can rave about them as well. 

-I can so handle first graders.

-Kelly and I make a good pair whether on different or the same grade levels.

I have to say, this trip had both Kelly and I questioning whether some grade level change requests were in need because we REALLY enjoyed working together.  There was such a natural flow and we were ALWAYS on the same page.  Maybe it's time for me to move down a few grade levels? Just a thought!

So, how was your day?

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  1. Damien, I always enjoy reading your posts. I totally get your sense of humor! There are so many things that College just won't teach you! I'm glad you had fun. :)