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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

End of Year-Part 2

Time to talk about the celebration!

For the last few years Kelly and I have celebrated the end of Reading Buddies with a Water Balloon and Ice Pop celebration.  Kelly's paraprofessional blows up the balloons and we usually do just a balloon toss. This year Kelly wanted to do a towel toss. We blew up extra balloons and had the 5th grade buddy bring in towels.  After we loaded each pair with water balloons we called for a toss....AND JUST ABOUT EVERY BALLOON HIT THE GROUND AND BURST! 

Before the Towel Toss balloons burst!

Our pair ready to toss their water balloon. 
It seems the kids weren't holding the towels tight enough to toss them and they got all tangled up. Oh well, it was WORTH A TRY!  Then we went into our regular balloon toss which is always a blast!

My favorite part of the whole event is when we sit the kids in a circle together "waiting for their ice pops".  Then Kelly and I grab some water balloons are start throwing them at the kids. The kids always love getting hit with the balloons and this year one of the kids caught one.  He very wisely didn't throw it back at us, but handed it to me.  I thanked him by popping it over his head.  :0)

This is definitely one of my favorite Reading Buddy events: low key, relaxed, and FUN!
The Reading Buddies

These two lovelies got quite wet during the "Teacher Toss"
when Kelly and I started taking aim at them. 

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