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Monday, February 20, 2012

Shout out to Erica

For President's Day I had my class create George Washington and Abraham Lincoln craft/ writing activity.  The original idea came from Erica at

 Before beginning the art project we brainstormed all the facts we knew about each president and listed them on a chart.  Then we viewed  a video on the website United Streaming called Holiday Facts about President's Day.  After viewing the video we listed facts we learned from the video.  The students then got started with the art portion of the project. This is a two sided craft with George Washington on one side with quarters as the buttons on the jacket. Turn the paper over and turn upside down to create Abraham Lincoln, with pennies for the eyes.  The students then chose thier favorite facts about each president and wrote them on lined paper.  The lined paper is in between the hat and jacket.  The students loved this project! It was not only fun but educational. Keep in mind this project took two days to complete.

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