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Friday, February 17, 2012

Hello Bloggers!

Allow us to introduce ourselves....

My name is Damien and I have been a 5th grade teacher for 6 years.  I believe that learning should be fun and try to incorporate the joy of learning into my classroom everyday.  I am passionate, loud, loving, emotional, stubborn, creative, opinionated, dedicated, and kind.  My educational philosophy is built on a quote by Walt Disney "Laughter is no enemy to learning".

Hello, I am Kelly and I have been a 1st grade teacher for 11 years. I am a proud mother of 2 ( a high school daughter and a middle school son) and a 9 year old black lab named Shadow.    In my classroom I give my students choice, both creatively and academically.  I feel that first grade should be challenging, but tons of FUN!

Kelly and I met six years ago when Kelly borrowed my scissors and didn't return them.  From that point on we have been collaborating and working together even though we teach on opposite ends of the elementary school spectrum. We run ideas by each other, support our creative risks, share information, and work together.  For the last six years our classes have been paired together in a Reading Buddy program that we brought to our school and that has brought so much to our students and ourselves. 

We LOVE what we do and are always trying to push ourselves one step further. Thanks for joining as as we take our collaboration to the next level by sharing our world with you. 

Dam & Kel

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