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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Narrative Writing FREEBIE: Show...Don't Tell

Hello buddies-

We are a workshop class.  I LOVE both Reading and Writing Workshop.  

My class is currently revisiting our Narrative Writing Unit where our goal is to elaborate our writing and to tell all the little pieces of the small moment.  As part of our revisiting of the unit I wanted to review some of the criteria of a Narrative but in a differnet way.  

I told the gang to think about the story they were going to tell and what emotion they felt in the story.  Then they drew a picture of themselves showing that emotion.  

She looks quite happy!

This little guy is QUITE an artist!

After they finished drawing it was time for some writing.  First, my students had to write about that moment in a "telling" kind of way.  Some of their telling statments were "I was so excited to be walking down the aisle at my aunt's wedding" or "I was very nervous getting ready to take the field".  Then it was time to become a storyteller.  Their task was to show the emotion as opposed to tell about it.  

Let's take a look at some of the finished products. 

Here is our display outside of my classroom.
I can't remember the inspiration for this activity but I am hoping to inspire you by giving away this activity for FREE at our TPT Store.  

Keep checking back to our blog for another FREEBIE later this week!


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