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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Remember Us?

Well hello friends-

Remember us?  It's Kelly and Damien-The Reading Buddies!  It seems like we have neglected this little blog of ours BIG TIME as our last entry was November, that's right November 28th!  

I am making it my goal to blog at least once a week from here on.  That way we can continue to connect with our digital teaching friends becasue, we've missed you.  Here's my first attempt at a more consistent, weekly, blogging! (Wish me luck!)

Here's a glimpse of the one Super Bowl activity that I was able to squeeze in this year.  My kids were all about the Super Bowl this year as it is being played in New Jersey (yes NJ despite what New Yorkers think- they must not know their geography) and a player from our school district is actually playing in the Super Bowl. 

We have been working our butts off on our multiplication facts.  Part of that unit has been the exploration of factors, multiples, fact families, and algebraic expressions.  So in Math on Super Bowl Friday we created our own Football jerseys with an number higher than 41 that is not prime.  After we created our jerseys we had to display the factors, factor pairs, multiples, fact families, and two algebraic expressions that include the number.   Here is our finished display and a few close-ups.  

This would be a great activity for Super Bowl Monday-regardless of how disappointing the game is (it's currently 43 to 8).

Happy to see you, and now on a more regular basis, buddies!

Damien and Kelly

P.S. If the snow forecast is true it looks like another shortned day in NJ so I might be back as soon as tomorrow.  

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