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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Reading Buddies Birth Story

It all began on a humid August afternoon when a then fifth-grade teacher went up to a then first-grade teacher and asked her if she wanted to join him for Reading Buddies.  

Before being hired in my new school my former school had set up Reading Buddies with upper and lower grades to help build fluency, comprehension, a love of reading, a mentorship, and a friend.  When I came to my new school there were no Reading Buddies.  Actually a grade level colleague let me know that she was concerned about my ability to cover the curriculum if I was spending time reading with first graders.  (I assured her I would be fine.)

Kelly said yes, not knowing what Reading Buddies was, and we began working.  

-We switched classes so Kelly could teach my fifth graders reading strategies to help her kids and I would read stories to her first graders. 
-We learned about our kids and lamented over year long partnerships.
-Kelly brought her class to visit so they weren't afraid of being in the fifth grade room.
-We made a plan and worked out a system that worked for us. 

There were getting to know you games, and quiet reading, and of course the time the fire alarm went off with all 48 kids in my room.  We began celebrating together

Thanksgiving feast-  sure!

                  Holiday stories and games- DEFINITELY!

                                    Read Across America Day PJ Camp-Out- 


Kelly and I love working together and have alot of fun doing so.  (Click HERE to see a time when we unexpectedly wound up on a class trip together.) 

Reading Buddies has often been the best part of the day and our kids create lasting memories and friendships that last!

You can head over to our TPT store to check out our Reading Buddies How to Guide if you are interested in starting a Reading Buddies partnership with another teacher buddy. 

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See ya Buddies!
-Damien and Kelly


  1. I love having a reading buddy class. I have taught both the younger buddies and the older buddies during my career. Both groups learn so much.

    1. I TOTALLY agree! I think this is such a beneficial activity for both classes. We can't wait to get started with our new group of students!

      -Damien and Kelly