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Thursday, June 13, 2013

And we are Moving...Down? Grade level change for 1 buddy!

Hello Buddies-

If I recall accurately, it was around this time last year that Kelly announced that she was going to be moving up from First Grade to Second Grade.  

Well the changes just keep coming!

Next year, after 7 years teaching Fifth Grade, I will be moving down to Fourth Grade.  

This year's fifth grade is a bubble year (we have four sections of the grade level instead of our usual four).  When this year began we knew someone from Fifth Grade was "getting the boot" for lack of a better phrase only to have someone added to Fifth Grade next year as this year's third grade is another bubble year (ya follow me?).  

I have always been interested in looping so I went to my principal and the discussion began.  Next year I will be a fourth grade looping teacher.  I'm not sure if the term is universal but for us, looping means I will have the same set of students for both their Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade year. 

Me and them 360 days!

To say I'm a little nervous is downplaying things a bit. The letters notifying my future students, and most importantly their parents, of my grade level change went home TODAY!  I am concerned about not liking the recommended books for the grade level (already eliminated two), finding new books and the time to properly prepare them to be taught, new Science and Social Studies standards, and most importantly having the same kids for two years.  We've all been there, the year we can't wait for it to end and those special years where we would happily teach that group for YEARS (through college even!)

So I am asking my blog buddies for some help.

-Have you ever looped?
                  -What were the pros?
                                             -What were the cons?
                                                                         -Any surprises?

Thanks friends and if you are still in school remember, we are in the home stretch so hang in there, make some memories, and HAVE FUN!



  1. Hi,

    I have looped before, and loved it.
    Pros - kids know the routine. You may have to review for a week or two but not the normal 6 weeks of getting routines right. You get to build and keep relationships with your kids and there parents. When you loop up with them, you also don't have to spend the time assessing them.
    Cons - no major ones I can think of.

    Hopes this helps.

  2. i haven't looped before, but good teacher friends of mine LOVE it! They are always saying that the second year is so easy because parents and kids not your expectations. Good Luck! Also, so fun that you have a buddy blog...we have one too! Excited to be your newest follower!
    Two Friends In First