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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Apps in our Novel

Hello buddies-

For the past five years I have been reading the first two Harry Potter books as my whole group novel.  As much as I LOVE the Harry Potter Series and I LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE IT!

See proof here: England Update
Here: London
Here: Magic Wands
And Here: Welcome to Hogwarts

I needed to do something a little different this year, call it the 7 year itch. As part of our Harry Potter character unit we took the theme of: What if Hogwarts had technology?

                What if Hermione could Google Nicholas Flamel?

                What would Harry Tweet after a Quidditch Match?

                          What Apps would be on Ron's I-Pad?

This new twist really allowed my students to really connect with the characters.  Most recently we spent some time designing our own Apps for Hogwarts students.  My kids created games, studying Apps, and a digital Maruader's Map for their I-pads. 

Take a glance below: 

Students had to write a description of their App
like one that would be found on I-Tunes
They had to draw a icon image for their I-pad

My kids ABSOLUTELY loved this activity and the Apps they created were AWESOME!  Look below for the final product
Class iPad with our voted Apps

App description

Each kid gets to make a mini-iPad with their apps. 

Our hallway display

My App activity is available on my TPT store: Apps in our Novel


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