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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Hello buddies- 

Tomorrow is our first day back to school since October 23rd due to the destruction of Sandy.  We weren't able to celebrate Halloween because we were in the midst of the storm and although minimal considering the chaos and destruction Sandy brought, but quite a bummer for our kids.  

So today, we had our first ever Trunk or Treat event. Have you ever heard of trunk or treating?  Basically you trick or treat but in a safe location and from the trunk of people's cars. We opened up our fields, parked our cars together (Kelly and I trunk shared) and decorated our trunks with Halloween decor. 

It was a BLAST having the kids trick (or trunk) or treat to people they knew.  Kelly and I loved seeing the kids, especially after our unexpected break. It was a blast and hopefully a tradition for our school.

Awaiting the arrival of our Trunk or Treaters.  Notice my lounging Harry Potter
Handing out candy to one of my favorite "goblins".
Some Trunk or Treaters from Kelly's class

Remember- look at our last post to see the GIVEAWAY we are participating in. It's a biggie!

Damien and Kelly

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