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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Franny K. Stein is in the house

Franny K. Stein mad scientist ROCKS!
Well I worried all summer about what chapter books I would read to my second grade class that would make them love READING.  You see in first grade it's a no brainer because every first grader loves Junie B. Jones.  Anyway I can't tell you how over the moon my entire class is about reading Franny K.  The only problem is that they have all gone to the library or bought books in the series so it is hard to do predictions but who cares!  I have boys reading during indoor recess because they can't wait to read the end of the book!!  I have to say this character traits chart has helped in the motivation, so of course each student made their own flip book like in story one.

I truly encourage all second grade teachers to use this as a read aloud most of the books have a good author's message.  The best part is that I show the book on my  projected screen because eventhough it is a chapter book each page has pictures also.  So what are you waiting for go buy Franny K. Stein by Jim Benton.

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